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Solido Elite Kansas

Give your ruby red shoes a polish because we're off to see
the wizard, the wonderful wizard of laminate flooring.

Astoria Rustic Oak

With beauty and brawn, this hunk of rustic gorgeousness
will look and perform perfectly in any interior space.

LivLoc Driftwood

When the weight of the world is on your shoulders,
take a deep breath and recline on this driftwood vinyl.

Really Random

These carpet tiles are fitted in a non-directional pattern
so you can go about your business hassle-free.

Popular Laminates

Sensa Solido Elite | Berkeley
Sensa Solido Elite | Kansas
Sensa Solido Elite | Nashville
Leaf Casa | Fossil Oak

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Elegant Engineered Wood

Nature Collection
Nature Earth | Brushed & Oiled
Nature Earth | Lacquered
Nature Storm | Dark White Washed
Nature River | Brushed & Oiled

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Atkinson and Kirby Collection
A&K Contemporary | Knotty Oak
A&K Contemporary | White Grey
A&K Contemporary | Cold Grey
A&K Renaissance | Rugby

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Nouveau Vinyl Flooring

Nouveau Luxury Vinyl

Columbus   |   Deschamps   |   Marble Arch   |   Penthouse   |   Shetland

Luxury by name and luxury by nature, LVT is the perfect way to achieve that natural wood, stone, slate or marble finish but with flabbergasting flexibility and super minimal maintenance requirements. Our more-than-affordable Nouveau vinyl collection is the place to be when you want to keep some spare change aside for those rainy days without ever having to compromise on style or substance.

Silva Peak Engineered

Silva Peaks Arcadian | Rustic Oak
Silva Peaks Scandinavian | Grey Oak
Silva Peaks Scandinavian | Brick Oak
Silva Peaks Scandinavian | Brown Oak

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Hello... it's Vinyl Ritchie

Adore Style | 1202
Nouveau Penthouse | Rustic Oak
Aspire | Fossilstone
LivLoc | Antique Cinnamon

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